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Guide to beauty tools and skin care products:

Bare skin is best for a facial teishin beauty wand self-care treatment. After a facial teishin treatment, I use Comfort & Joy Hydrosol Mist. 


For Gua Sha treatments, I apply a Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil before I start the treatment. This oil isn’t too greasy and it doesn’t absorb too quickly or too slowly – its just right! And it’s so nourishing. 

Beauty Tools:

Qi Flow = Qi Glow. The facial teishin beauty wand resets the stress button and gives the glow. Available in both copper and sterling silver. 

Why settle of one beauty tool when you can get both and a discount?! Gua sha teishin bundles include either a silver teishin and jade gua sha or a copper teishin and rose quarts gua sha. 

Do you need to depuff and detox your face? Meet the gua sha. Available in Jade, the empress’s choice, and Rose Quartz, for giving your heart a little extra love. 

Dr. Ellerie's Skincare:

Want a deeply nourishing facial oil that also assists with a fabulous gua sha facial? Meet the Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil. 

Have the 2020 burnout? This hydrosol mist will hydrate your skin, especially after a facial teishin treatment, and give your body an herbal hug. Some comfort and joy. And it smells divine!


Just in time for the holidays, bring yourself or a loved one a little comfort and joy through a self-care facial. The Silver Facial Teishin Beauty Wand and the Comfort and Joy Hydrosol Mist pair together to soothe your nerves and get that glow. 

For the most luxurious gua sha facial, use the Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil and a Jade Gua Sha. Perfect for some self-care during the holiday season and for that detox after the holidays too! 

This will really get you glowing! The ultimate beauty package includes Copper and Silver Facial Teishin Beauty Wands, Jade and Rose Quartz Gua Shas, Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil, and Comfort & Joy Hydrosol Mist.