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Labor Day Pop-Up
Beauty Shop

Use the code RELAX15 to get 15% off your beauty tools. The beauty shop is only open for one week August 30th through labor day September 6th. Act now. The beauty shop won't open back up until the holidays!

Why use beauty tools?

What if there was a way to treat your stress and your skin at the same time? Meet the gua sha and the facial teishin beauty wand!

Beauty tools help move qi, increase circulation, and detoxify the skin so you can feel your most vibrant self! These treatments help center your energy too. 

Ready to get glowing? Head over to Dr. Ellerie’s beauty rituals or treat yourself in the beauty shop.

Grab Dr. Ellerie's favorite beauty tools in the All Star Beauty Bundle

Not sure which beauty tool is best? Try all three of Dr. Ellerie’s favorite beauty tools! 

This bundle includes the sterling silver handmade facial teishin beauty wand, a pair of small and large glass facial cups, and a rose quartz gua sha. Everything you need for your weekly routine! 

Plus this bundle saves you $$$ and includes free shipping. 

Why use a facial teishin beauty wand? Because of the qi glow. Qi flows, you glow.

Featured Beauty Tools

Want the fast track to a qi glow? This bundle includes three of Dr. Ellerie’s faves: small and large facial cups, a rose quartz gua sha, and a handmade sterling silver facial teishin beauty wand. 

Qi Flow = Qi Glow. The facial teishin beauty wand resets the stress button and gives the glow. Available in both copper and sterling silver. 

For the most luxurious gua sha facial, use the Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil and a Jade Gua Sha. 

Time to get glowing

Enhance your self-care beauty rituals. Skincare which pairs perfectly with beuaty tools. Try hydrosol mists after facial teishin beauty wand treatments. Apply gua sha oil before giving yourself a facial gua sha self care treatment. Learn more details in The Shop.

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Learn how to use the Facial Teishin
Beauty Wand:

Follow along on this demonstration as Dr. Ellerie teaches Dr. Trevor Cates, aka The Spa Dr., the technique in using the facial teishin beauty wand for a self care facial and for lowering stress. The first half this talk is about all things Chinese Medicine and skin. At 21:55 we go through a full facial teishin treatment together. Check out how ridiculously relaxed we are at the end of this video.