Current Clients:

Current Clients:

Welcome! This page is meant for Dr. Ellerie’s current clients to answer any questions or concerns about continuing care. Also this is where you can schedule telemedicine appointments. Scroll to the bottom of the page to schedule. 

1. The new office is now open!

Welcome to SLO Naturopathic. Dr. Ellerie has moved into the Teass Building in Downtown SLO located on Palm and Osos St. kiddie-corner from the downtown library at 890 Osos St. 

2. Messaging is still open.

The Charm Portal is still open and will remain open for messaging. Dr. Ellerie heard from too many folks that Charm was confusing, so she is switching to a new user friendly system called PracticeQ which can be used to message, but also is easier for scheduling appointments, Zoom appointments, and sharing documents. 

Intake forms/New forms

Dr.Ellerie has scanned copies of you intake forms. No need to fill those out again. There will be new office policy forms and HIPPA forms that will need to be signed. These will all be available electronically with and signed via e-signature via the new electronic health system before your first Telehealth appointment. No printing/scanning required! 


PracticeQ links to Square payments where payments will be secure. You will be sent an invoice and a Superbill is available upon request. Dr. Ellerie does not accept insurance but you can submit these forms to your insurance company to see if your insurance company will reimburse you. 

Supplements and Herbs

There’s no changes. Supplements still come from and Chinese Herbs still come from Golden Cabinet Herbs. Some supplement will be available in office as well for your convince. 

Phone number

805-316-1364. Please leave a message at this number. The easiest way to schedule is to click below and book an appointment time. You will automatically be asked to enroll in the new portal and sign the office policies online. No printing/scanning needed. 

The Teass building is located at 890 Osos St. on the corner of Palm St in downtown San Luis Obispo. 

Suite H is located on the second floor. It’s the last office down the hallway.